We maintain our commitment with Amica

Netboss has been collaborating for many years with AMICA, a non-profit-making association with the mission of discovering the capacities of each person and of supporting him or her in limitations, independence, the exercising of rights, and responsible participation in the community so that he or she can take the reins of his or her life and the necessary social change. In 2019 Netboss had the honour of being awarded the distinction of being an entity committed to its major project.

In early 2020 we renewed our collaboration agreement with them so as to promote practising sport, joining the labour force, and the training of the disabled. We have also organised book collection among our colleagues with the aim of collaborating with the Amica Caring Bookshop.

Within the framework of our collaboration agreement we have entrusted to Amica the search for candidates for various jobs throughout this period in 2020 and 2021.

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