Netboss Comunicaciones supports the Spanish Paralympic Committee with its technology

Netboss Comunicaciones and the Spanish Paralympic Committee announced today a collaboration agreement which will allow the team of trainers, doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and the whole of the technical personnel of the Committee to continue supporting the sportsmen/sportswomen remotely. “We have implemented a solution based on our Kairos365SCH platform in record time so that the paralympic sportsmen and sportswomen can continue to train and the support personnel can continue to cater for their needs. Technology is a tool which we must make available for good causes”, says José María Fernández del Arco, the CEO of Netboss Comunicaciones.

“The story of those of us who are members of the Committee is a continuous story of improvement. We live in difficult times and this means we must all do our bit. Spanish paralympic sportsmen and sportswomen do not give up and will do our country proud”, points out Miguel Carballeda, the President of the Spanish Paralympic Committee.

Over 140 sportsmen/sportswomen will continue to count on the support of the technical and medical team during the weeks of confinement. The paralympic athletes require constant attention and follow-up, which has been interrupted since the start of the State of Alert. The sportsmen/sportswomen are already preparing for the Paralympic Games of Tokyo which have been reprogrammed for August 2021.

You can find more details of our solution on this webinar with the participation of our CEO José María Fernández del Arco, the Sports Director of the Spanish Paralympic Committee Ricardo Martín, and Nacho Corredor, the partner-director of beBartlet. The press, among other media Marca and La Vanguardia, reported our collaboration. The RTVE Paralympic programme devoted a broadcast to our solution. It has also featured in the Telecinco (Sports) news programme of 7th March 2020 (from 01:53).

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