Our Sol Rojo interviewed by the Mutua Montañesa for the Day of Women Entrepreneurs

In order to celebrate the World Day of Women Entrepreneurs, which is held on 19th November all over the world, Mutua Montañesa has launched this video which contains the declarations of several businesswomen who have triumphed with various businesses, among them Sol Rojo Vallejo.

Sol Rojo Vallejo is our General Manager and also a partner of the company providing services at a national and currently also international level. Her professional hobby is the consultancy of processes; she enjoys a challenge and above all innovation and technological transformation from the scope of the processes. She has been able to put these skills into practice in various projects in the sector such as healthcare, insurance, and telecommunications. “Those of us who are entrepreneurs do what we do because we have ideas, values, and skills which can make a contribution. It is a privilege being the owner of your own project and also providing employment”.

Sol is an example of those women who have decided to take the step of creating their own employment destinations and has spoken of her experience in this initiative of Mutua Montañesa to encourage other women to follow her example.

You can find the link to the original campaign here.

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