About us

Netboss Comunicaciones is one of the leading Spanish companies of consultancy and outsourcing of services.

We have three divisions which give our clients a comprehensive solution to their operating needs. Our consultancy division specialises in the reengineering of processes and the designing of information services and customer/citizen service; our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) division specialises in the outsourcing of front and back office services with its own Contact Center. Finally, the “Kairos Software Factory”, our software division, has two products of its own on the market: Kairos365SCH, a powerful platform for scheduling, reservations, and multi-sector appointments; and Kairos365FSM, a comprehensive platform for field service management.

Sol Rojo Vallejo, General Manager

and José María Fdez. del Arco, CEO

We provide solutions to the leading telecommunication companies such as Telefónica, Orange, and MásMóvil.

Our technology has been successfully implemented in the field of mobility for the Autoritat Metropolitana del Transport (the public transport network of Barcelona), in the financial sector for companies such as the Banco Santander, and also in companies of the insurance and healthcare sector such as Sura and Asisa, and in organisations such as the Spanish Paralympic Committee.

It’s not what we do but how we do it…

We are a Spanish company with extensive knowledge of the world of operations and service management for clients and citizens; furthermore, we use powerful tools for field service management and also scheduling and appointments. Every day we help companies, institutions, and public administrations from all over the world with complex organisations to have everything highly organised and coordinated to make their customer and citizen services a success.

Our value proposal is based on the 360-degree management of projects from their creation and development to their subsequent operation, support, and accompaniment, which allows us to obtain an overall vision to guarantee the maximum efficiency throughout its life cycle.

The talent our employees bring into the team is what makes our solutions excellent.

We are a company with international projects and perspectives and roots in the local community that we support. We understand our relationship with our team members as a multidirectional exchange of inspiration, capacity to innovate, experience and opportunities, tools and a space to evolve professionally. The quality of the work is a direct reflection of an environment created by well-fitting teams. In Netboss Comunicaciones, the people that make up our teams are our greatest asset.

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