Kairos365SCH, a solution
for any need of appointment or reservation.

Kairos365SCH is a comprehensive operations management platform where appointment scheduling is revealed as a fundamental and strategic part of the project. It is an online and multivertical platform, endorsed by the markets thanks to successful implementations for more than 10 years in Government, Health, Insurance, Banking and Telco projects.

The appointment at any time and from any connected device.

Kairos365SCH is a flexible and easily scalable platform that integrates, among others, with CRM, ERP, facial recognition software, temperature control and access solutions thanks to a powerful integration API.

User experience.

Key functionalities.

Easy process orientation.

Scalability and rapid implementation.

Powerful integration API.

¿What is Kairos365SCH?

Kairos365SCH is designed and focused on professionals but it also offers unique advantages to end users. The application allows customers to locate a professional or company, check the availability in real time and make an appointment on the spot from web environments and apps.

Kairos technology allows Companies and Institutions to offer end users a unique service; rather than a mere contact data provider it is a unified appointment platform in which customers can manage all their appointments, regardless of the sector, country or language under a single login.

Kairos has been designed to manage multiple business verticals, in different countries and under different languages. Provides the flexibility and power needed to tackle virtually any scenario and to undertake new markets immediately, without carrying out changes in the platform.

The platform’s decoupled architecture provides a web services API that allows integration with other third-party applications, such as providers of directories of professionals, partners, or customers.

In addition, together with our Outsourced Telephone Customer Service, our Appointment Management Centre will attend to any requests for appointments by your customers.

All Kairos applications, both web and apps for mobile devices, are fully customizable and adaptable to meet companies’ business and brand requirements, offering Kairos services as a private label for third party platforms.

The solution for any need for an appointment or reservation.

Enjoy a complete appointment management system that will provide you with a consolidated basis for all the information regarding appointments scheduled and managed by your company, as well as those that have come through the corporate website or through mobility applications available to end users.

With Kairos365SCH you can solve any need for a prior appointment or reservation, both in person * and by video call. A solution that adapts to any company, public entity and activity, regardless of its size.

Kairos365SCH provides you with all the information on daily activities in real time. The statistics section will provide you with graphics on the distribution of appointments from all your diaries, the development of indicators and customized reports, analysis of end user behaviour or unmet requirements.

*Possibility of integration with queue – access – shift management systems.

Main advantages for end users

Kairos365SCH features a complete automated notifications system designed to ensure that you and your customers have records regarding the management of appointments and are kept informed at all times of possible changes and incidents.

With Kairos365SCH, your customers can make appointments completely autonomously, at any time and from any place, without the need to call or wait.

Provide your customers with a simple appointment booking system that reduces management costs and the time required for each appointment.

Search for branch offices, centers, resources and professionals in your organization based on multiple criteria.

Rating of facilities, punctuality and the quality of service.

Favorite list to speed up next searches.

Self-management of appointments with no phone calls or waiting.

Lists and reminders of upcoming appointments.

Lets customers cancel their scheduled appointments.

Appointments can also be booked from corporate website applications.

Reminder of your appointment. 16/06/2016 at 09:00 with Dra. Elvira Santos. Avda. José Antonio 21, Suances, Cantabria. 620620620 .

Find and view the availability of a professional or company in real time and book an appointment on the spot.

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Netboss Comunicaciones collaborates with Kairos365SCH in the “Accelerate SME” program, an initiative of the Third Vice-Presidency – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and Red.ES. It is a program aimed at helping SMEs and the self-employed in order to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on their activity.

In Acelera PYME, SMEs and freelancers can find financing solutions and financial assistance, technological solutions such as Kairos365SCH, advice, recommendations on cybersecurity to take into account in the current context and actions to promote talent in SMEs and the self-employed. A compilation of solutions, services and tools that, like Kairos365SCH, can be especially useful for SMEs and freelancers, at this time, offered from both the public and private sectors.

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