We specialise in consultancy and the reengineering of processes orientated towards customer and citizen services and a Contact Center.

All our technology, experience, talent, knowledge, and the skills of our professionals help to make your project a success.

Reengineering of processes

The objective of our services is to reduce business costs and redundant aspects of processes, but in contrast to other process management techniques we do this on a much wider scale, restructuring layers of unproductive management, eliminating redundant aspects, and remodelling processes in a different way.

Our work goes beyond improving business processes. It is an approach without restrictions which does not stop at defined limits and brings changes on a different scale.

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The improvement of processes is similar to improving the efficiency of your car’s engine. Our work is to rethink the operation of the engine and change it completely.

While the improvement of the processes focuses on the analysis of the existing processes in order to improve them, the reengineering of processes has a wider perspective. The improvement of processes identifies the bottlenecks they may have and recommends changes in specific processes, but the production process continues to be the same. The reengineering of processes rejects existing rules and we frequently take an unconventional route to redefine processes from a high-level management perspective.

We examine all the systems and try to find ways of redesigning them to make them faster, more efficient, and more productive.

The Reengineering of Processes is radical because it often ignores the rules applied to current processes.

Solutions such as process management and process improvement concentrate on the profits and the productivity of a company, while the needs of its customers and the missions of the organisation are subject to the Reengineering of Processes, which always begins with new ideas on a blank board so as to rethink the existing processes from scratch.

The essential basis of reengineering is customer service. When well executed the radical approach of the reengineering of processes generates spectacular results for a company in terms of the improvement of its cycle times, the quality of the product/service, and the experiences of the customer/citizen.

Our work will allow us in the medium term to:

  • Define the roles and responsibilities regarding the execution and control of the process.
  • Develop an approach designed to attend end users.
  • Reduce controls and approvals and support the redesigning of processes in a system of self-monitoring and reporting.
  • Eliminate steps which add no value to the process: inspections, signatures, transcriptions, intermediate reports, and overlapping.
  • Register the information once and capture the data from this single source.
  • Implement a planning culture and the projecting of needs by all departments.
  • Improve performance and quality indicators.
  • Change the traditional sequential order for the natural order of the processes and detect deviations due to controls, policies, personalisation, or limitations of the system.
  • Begin to work for our clients; this will be the basis for the development of a new culture of customer service.
  • Understand the impact of decisions on the overall process of the organisation.
  • Describe the characteristics of each stage of the process and its applicability.
  • Reduce the time of the Process Cycle and therefore reduce costs.

Consultancy on platforms and Contact Center services

Our consultancy services are orientated towards the understanding, development, optimisation, redesigning, and efficient execution of the strategy, policies, general lines, and customer service processes available to the Organisation around all the channels of customer/citizen attention and interaction, among others.

We are specialists in:

We have an expert team of consultants specialising in different areas for skills and knowledge training.

We focus our work on achieving greater efficiency of the Multi-channel Customer Relation Centres (or Contact Center) of companies and institutions optimising the management processes.

We help our customers to define a strategy which allows them to stand out from other Organisations and initiate the transition towards the “customer engagement center”.

We help companies in their processes of adaptation to current needs. We have technology and tools of our own to make our processes safer, simpler, and more flexible.

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