Corporate governance

At Netboss Comunicaciones we promote aspects such as transparency, the culture of internal controls, the composition and the bodies of the Government, the protection of the rights of the shareholders, and the relation with the various groups of interest. In order to do so we have adopted the best market practices taking the highest standards as a reference.

Our governmental bodies take charge of maintaining a high level of excellence in meeting our commitments and ethical responsibilities and in promoting good practice in corporate government.

Roberto de Diego Arozamena

Partner. President of Netboss. Former CEO of Jazztel and Former President of BT Europe.

José María Fernández del Arco

Founding Partner. CEO.

Soledad Rojo Vallejo

Partner. General Manager.

Modesto Piñeiro García-Lago

Partner. Chairman of the Advisory Council.

Laureano Cabrero Liaño


Advisory Board

Antonio Fournier Conde

President of INTELCORP AFC and President of the LLYC Advisory Council.

Jordi Xuclá Costa

Professor of Rel. Int. Univ. Ramon Llull. Former Parliamentarian Cortes Generales (’00 -’19) and currently a RENFE Councilor.

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