Mission, vision and values

Limitless thought for a changing world.

The mission of Netboss Comunicaciones is that of being an exceptional international company in terms of ethics and emotions governed by values which can make any dream come true.

Together with our team, partners, advisory council, and shareholders we work on a daily basis to make us number one on the market.

Alliances to generate value in society.

Our strategic vision aims to make a contribution of social value and above all to have a strong commitment to each of our customers and workers. But this is not all. We also put our faith in companies which consolidate our work, encourage inside talent, and generate collaboration alliance with various institutions of knowledge in a virtuous circle which strengthens our mission and vision.

COHERENCE – TRANSPARENCY We preach by example. We meet our commitments. We generate trust and we are approachable. FREEDOM we do whatwe want ENERGY we are passionate about what we do You grow by making the team grow. We share information openly. We celebrate the successes we share.. We bring passion to being the best in what we do. We think and do things differently. We overcome impossible challenges with a positive attitude. We are responsible for our decisions. We are fully committed to what we do. We respect the independence of others. GENEROSITY we share to do

Our values


We are an organisation with the capacity to anticipate situations and events beyond standard operations, applying a wide perspective and analysing probabilities and possibilities by means of the current signals which our immediate environment sends us. Moreover, we are capable of perceiving small but significant changes in operation and in the environment by using reliable indicators which allow us to control them so as to make the right decisions.

We react to these changes because we detect, recognise, and assess these events in time; we know when and how to react and we have the right resources and tools available and ready to use.


In a regulatory environment in which excellence at work must be achieved, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. The quality of our products, services, and resources means we lead the way in our sector.

We strive to achieve continuous improvement in our business approach. We make a constant effort to include innovation in our processes, always analysing how we can improve.


We are committed to the wellbeing and the success of our employees, clients, and strategic partners. Each relationship we initiate reflects our commitment to serve others with excellence.

The scope and complexity of our work make it necessary to exploit the unique skills of our employees, strategic partners, and customers. Through mutual respect, trust, and cooperation we achieve results which are only possible with exceptional teamwork.


The 21st century is a revolutionary era. It is no longer enough to know the consumer and his or her needs; now we must anticipate his expectations. Among other aspects, today’s consumers are informed and connected; they are more agnostic. They seek value and innovation and are more difficult to keep, less faithful to brands. We manufacturers and distributors must respond to these changes in the industry. We need to adapt to the digital revolution and to redefine our value proposal if we are to be competitive in the long term.

At Netboss Comunicaciones we offer a unique combination of services, proven experience in the industry, and advanced technological solutions so as to help companies to make the best use of these changes.

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