Meeting with students from the University of Cantabria

On October 22, our CEO, José Maria Fernandez del Arco, was invited by the University of Cantabria to participate in a meeting with students of the Master’s Program in Coastal and Port Engineering, Hydrobiology and Management of Aquatic Systems.

The meeting, which took place at the School of Civil Engineering, is part of a program of the University to bring together personal experiences of entrepreneurs or business executives who, like José María, help the students focus their professional orientation.

The objective of this activity of the University is to familiarize the students of both masters with basic business concepts such as teamwork, leadership, customer presentations, negotiation, etc. as well as to provoke entrepreneurial concerns that help them generate ideas and business models related to areas of interest in the master.

At Netboss Communications, we are very proud of our University of Cantabria and of being able to contribute to the quality of the education of future professionals in our community.

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