Netboss certifies the Continuity of its business with ISO 22301

Excellence has always been one of our essential values. For us there is no better way of showing this excellence than by having it certified by the best neutral experts, among others our ISO certificates. With them we wish to prove our commitment to our objectives and increase our credibility and trust for our customers and interlocutors.

Much in keeping with the times and with a successful and sustained future, ISO 22301 appeared to us to be the most appropriate certificate to add to our curriculum; the approach towards resilience in such a changing world is essential.

With ISO 22301 we have created processes, principles, and the terminology of the management of the continuity of the business: at Netboss we have solid systems and processes for the continuity of the business with a high recovery capacity in the case of disruption, which give us a valuable vision for our strategic planning, our risk management, our business transformation, and our resource management.

With our ISO certificates we wish to show our interlocutors that we are a company with structure, stability, and willingness for sustainable growth. Because of this, among other certificates we have ISO 9001 which helps us to give priority to our customers and ISO 27001 to protect our systems, data, and reputation. ISO 14001 helps us to reduce our environmental impact. ISO 20000 allows us the efficient overall management of the services and professional customer attention. ISO 18295 gives us specialisation and improves the quality of our Contact Center. And the National Security Scheme gives confidence in our use of electronic resources.

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