Netboss strengthens its collaboration with everis in Colombia

“We are continuing with our internationalisation process”, points out our founder and CEO José María Fernández del Arco. A few weeks ago Netboss Comunicaciones and everis strengthened our collaboration on the Latin American market by means of an agreement with the subsidiary of the consultancy in Colombia. In this way we complement our collaboration with everis in Spain which will allow us to continue to develop the marketing capacity of our products beyond our frontiers.

“We are exporting Spanish technology all over the world. Our technology is highly valued by our customers in Spain and all over the world. We are going in the right direction”, adds Fernández del Arco. From Netboss we will distribute through everis Colombia our Kairos365SCH software (a platform for the management of scheduling, appointments, and reservations) and Kairos365FSM (a Field Service Management platform), thus complementing the implementation of our technology on the Latin American market as we already do for companies such as the multinational insurance firm.

You can find it here on ourLinkedIn.

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