We consolidate our business position after obtaining a good credit rating

We continue to obtain quality classifications and ratings from the experts. Inbonis Rating has given us a mark of BB and the media have already reported the news. We are proud to be one of the first SMEs to obtain a credit rating such as that of major companies.

Netboss Comunicaciones has obtained a credit rating from Inbonis Rating, one of the main agencies of the sector specialising in SMEs and registered with the European Securities and Markets Authority. Inbonis Rating has classed the credit situation of the company as “BB” after analysing its financial and business risk, the shareholders and how they are governed, and also the economic environment, guaranteeing through qualified analysts in accordance with a proven methodology the capacity of the company to face its financial obligations.

The company, which has experienced a growth in invoicing of 269% between 2016 and 2019, continues to expand in 2020 and has significant growth perspectives for the forthcoming year. “We are very proud. Work well done has its reward. We are a company which generates employment, which offers solutions, and which is prepared to consolidate its growth”, declared José María Fernández del Arco, a partner and the CEO of the company.

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