Netboss, “the 2020 Digital and Innovative company” of Cantabria

Every year the Chamber of Commerce of Spain and the Banco Santander collaborate with the territorial Chambers of Commerce to award the SME Prize of the Year in recognition of the performance of small and medium-sized companies. In addition, in each province four second prizes are awarded for Internationalisation, Digitalisation and Innovation, Training and Employment, and Responsible Company.

To quote José Luis Bonet, the president of the Chamber of Commerce: “The work of SMEs helps to generate wealth and employment and is essential for continuing to build this great country which is Spain”.

This year we were awarded the second prize for the 2020 Digital and Innovative Company in the IV SME Prizes of Cantabria. José María Fernández del Arco, our CEO and founder member of the company, received it from Francisco Martín, the Minister of Innovation, Industry, Transport, and Commerce of the Regional Government of Cantabria. It represents recognition of the work of the whole team in a highly exceptional year.

You can find it here on our LinkedIn.

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