Our Advisory Board helps us to grow

Something good has come out of the very difficult circumstances of the last few months: the recognition of the relevance of our value proposal and our Kairos365 solutions and the strengthening of ties with experts, who we are now lucky enough to have as members of our Advisory Board. Recently we celebrated a highly inspiring and productive kick-off and we hope to be able to translate good contributions into practical reality very soon. The digital newspaper El Confidencial gives you the details here.

At Netboss Comunicaciones we promote aspects such as transparency, the culture of internal control, composition and governing bodies, the protection of shareholders’ rights, and the relations with the various groups of interest. In order to do so we have adopted the best market practices and taken the highest standards as a reference.

Our governing bodies are in charge of maintaining a high level of excellence in meeting our commitments and ethical responsibilities and in promoting good practice in corporate government.

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