Citibox and Kairos365FSM

Kairos365FSM optimises the installation and maintenance of smart infrastructure in buildings.

The installation and maintenance of smart letterboxes in buildings must be as rapid and convenient for their users as the delivery of a parcel.

The client:

Citibox is a Spanish company specialising in smart infrastructure. Its “smart letterboxes” are installed in residents’ communities so that messengers can deliver packages at the addresses of recipients even if they are not at home. The company was founded in 2016 and today consists of over 100 people.

The challenge:

The smart letterboxes which are beginning to be seen in residents’ communities in the major European cities to resolve the “last mile” of e-business are made in Spain. The public investing in smart letterboxes demands the same immediacy and availability 24/7 in the maintenance of their infrastructure as in the value provided by the letterboxes themselves. A good management tool for the companies subcontracted to install and maintain these letterboxes is essential for the good management of the whole process.

The solution:

Kairos365FSM coordinates the immediate communication between residents’ communities, technicians, and the Citibox head office efficiently and with the least possible impact on the agenda of the letterbox users.

The transformation:

  • It gives Citibox and the subcontracted companies who carry out the work orders greater control, follow-up, and visibility.
  • It ensures that the technician always has the appropriate information and skills to carry out the allocated task.
  • It ensures that the intervention is always made where necessary and at the most convenient time.
  • It allows subcontracted companies to administer appointments with customers and their allocation to each technician.
  • It allows the granular and flexible organisation of the intervention areas and the capacity allocated to each contract.
  • It allows more rapid, more successful, and more coordinated interventions.

Otros datos de interés:

+280,000 users

+42,000 letterboxes installed in Madrid and Barcelona

10/2020. Initiation of installations in Paris

2 months of installation

Customer testimonial:

We chose Kairos365FSM for its level of knowledge and usability. After assessing several suppliers we found that Kairos365FSM was the solution best in keeping with our management needs.

Fernando Martín Muñoz – Citibox Project Manager

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