Clínicas Vivanta and Netboss – Kairos365SCH

An integrated service of information, attention, and prior appointments for one of the largest groups of dental and beauty clinics in Spain.

Netboss Comunicaciones administers the Multichannel Customer Attention Service with Kairos365SCH as a corporate platform for appointments with the clinics of the Vivanta Group.

The client:

“Clínicas Vivanta” is the only network of clinics in Europe which combines the medical specialities of dentistry and cosmetic medicine. Further information at

The challenge:

The Vivanta Group is formed by the integration of various dental and cosmetic medicine groups which have their own systems for customer management and appointments. This Group needs a supplier to manage its patients and its clinics in a centralised manner and to provide a flexible and efficient mechanism for the management of the integrated appointment process from the clinics themselves. Likewise Vivanta commissioned Netboss Comunicaciones to implement Kairos365SCH for the management of prior appointments online for its approximately 300 clinics. In addition, Kairos365SCH thus becomes part of the technological ecosystem of Vivanta together with the Patient Management System (PMS) and the Integrated Medical History and a key element of Vivanta’s business strategy.

The solution:

Kairos365SCH and the Multichannel Patient Attention Service of Netboss for Vivanta give the Vivanta Group a customer-orientated system characterised by:

  • Providing the Group with a centralised platform for the management of the customers/patients and dental and cosmetic medicine appointments.
  • Being fully integrated in the technological ecosystem of the Group.
  • Providing a 24×7 appointment management system accessible from any device and a 12×6 service for multichannel customer/patient attention.
  • Having notifications and reminders sent to its patients/clients.
  • Having statistics and reports for improving the service of both the management of appointments and the Multichannel Customer Attention Service.
  • The carrying out of surveys on the services designed to measure the quality perceived by the patient.


Kairos365SCH and the Multichannel Customer Attention Service:

  • Have allowed the Vivanta Group to administer in a unified and centralised manner the management of prior appointments for all its centres.
  • Have allowed a general improvement in the level of service and user experience both for the personnel of the clinics and the end customer/patient.

Other interesting information:

In 8 months of the project:

300 clinics

Over 300,000 patients

2 months of development and implementation until the start of production

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