La Sexta and Netboss BPO – Contact Center

The designing, implementation, and management of the complete process of the installing of aerials of the residents’ communities so as to receive the signal of the La Sexta TV channel.

Netboss Comunicaciones provides La Sexta with a turnkey solution for the administration of the process of the installing of aerials of residents’ communities at a national level: processing the applications, generating the installation orders, managing the fitters, and supervising and monitoring the installation and its invoicing.

The client:

The Gestora de Inversiones Audiovisuales La Sexta is a Spanish terrestrial digital television channel, owned by the Spanish Atresmedia Group . Its programme planning is general in nature albeit it includes in particular programmes of humour and entertainment and of the analysis of current affairs. +info:

The challenge:

La Sexta received its broadcasting licence on 25th November 2005. In December of the same year it began analogue broadcasting, which meant that it needed to resolve in record time the need for a turnkey solution to administer the installation en masse of analogue signal amplifiers in buildings. This required a specialised outside team capable of assuming the management of all the necessary tasks in order to achieve this objective. Moreover, it was necessary to design the processes inherent in this operation such as a set of tools capable of administering resources or tasks such as: receiving applications, citations, generating installation orders, the management of installation contracts, the follow-up and verification of the installations, and the administrative control of the invoicing of the installation contracts.

The solution:

In only 2 months Netboss developed a turnkey solution for the full management of the whole project by an outside team such as that of Netboss BPO. We stress the following activities carried out by our team:

  • Implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the project – Configuration and parametrisation – Design and implementation of web forms integrated with the CRM so as to manage the requests for aerial installation at a national level.
  • CRM with personalised interface for the management of all agents intervening in the installation process (customer, Netboss contact center, installation contracts…) and their interrelation together with the traceability of all operations:
    • Channelling requests for service from customers and directing applications such as “Installation orders” to the network of fitters created for the purpose.
    • Supervision of the installation contracts, maintenance, and levels of service and the centralisation of all the processes associated with management and administrative control.
    • Supervision and checking of the whole installation process, including the invoicing of installations and the technical auditing of all the installation companies with the aim of monitoring possible fraud in the invoicing of the services carried out.
    • Front and BackOffice support for all players involved in the project including reporting on the quality of the service.


With our technology and talent we have been able to help our customers by:

  • Providing them with methodology and tools so as to achieve the efficient and functional organisation of the installation from the citation to approval and invoicing with a Netboss system.
  • Improving the experience of all parties intervening in the operation by means of a Front y BackOffice Multichannel Support operated by Netboss, including reporting on the quality of the service, and the traceability of all contacts with customers/fitters unified independently of the communication channel.
  • Providing the traceability, follow-up, and verification of all the installations carried out.
  • Positioning ourselves as a digital company which is innovative in the management of its processes and has a clear vocation for serving the end customer

Other interesting information:

+4,286,446 installations in private homes (administration of appointments and operations from the Netboss Contact Center)

Business processes for 18 contracts and +700 subcontracts involved

+184,755 electronic installation bulletins administered

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