MásMóvil and Kairos365FSM

Revolutionising services in the field of the Telco sector in Spain.

Netboss Comunicaciones shows the validity of Kairos365FSM with a rapid and functional implementation which convinces the directorate of the operator which most challenges the market in Spain.

The client:

The MASMOVIL Group is the fourth telecommunications operator in Spain to provide landline and mobile telephony and Internet services to residential customers, companies, and operators through its main brands: Yoigo, MASMOVIL, Pepephone, Llamaya, Guuk, Lebara, Lycamobile, and Hits Mobile.

The challenge:

  • The need for the comprehensive digitalisation of the installation process so as to provide the relevant information to each party involved (MásMovil, collaborating companies, the installation technician, and the end customer) and to facilitate the management of the whole process.
  • Field service management with visibility and the possibility of intervention in real time.
  • Monitoring the process end-to-end (from the citation to the completion of the installation process and the report on the Work Order – Orden de Trabajo, OT – in the same tool)
  • Integrating the technician in the process with the appropriate information and his/her permanent connection to the head office by remote means

The solution:

In a project of this magnitude the availability of very well defined processes and the approach of strongly delimited implementation and putting into operation has been essential for the success of the project at the time and its continuity to date. We began with Kairos365SCH to give MasMovil an end-customer citation process at the time of contracting, and we continued with Kairos365FSM tackling the whole process end-to-end with all those involved. Moreover, the Netboss BPO CONTACT CENTER division completes the services for MasMovil with a support centre for the installation or Service Desk which acts as a single central point of contact between the end customer, the companies collaborating in the installation process, and MásMovil. It is in charge of managing all the incidents associated with the citation in the installation process, ensuring the immediate reorganisation of the supply process if the installation should experience any commercial or technical setback; all this is done with the minimum impact on the end customer and with the drawing up of reports on the matter.

The transformation:

  • Mid-2016: Netboss implements Kairos365SCH at MásMovil in such a way that the citation for the installation occurs with the customer at the time of the sale/contracting of the services.
  • 2017: implementation of Kairos365FSM. MásMovil goes further and decides to include a powerful field service management tool to take care of the whole end-to-end process with the end customer.
  • Accompaniment and training for the customer and its collaborating companies during the setting up period.
  • Evolution of the system by adding a catalogue of functions so that the installation technician can address truly optimised field processes:
    • An inventory control in real time by the reading of the bar code
    • The automatic recognition of special OTs
    • Self-citation for the end customer, etc
  • Full traceability of the intervention for the customer, for Masmovil, and for its collaborating companies
  • Improved punctuality and technician productivity so as to achieve the greater satisfaction of both customer and technician
  • Maximum simplification of the tasks of the technician
  • Self-citation by the customers without the need for anyone to call them – automated satisfaction survey when the installation is completed.

Other interesting information:

+2,200 users active in the field/month

+8k users supporting sales and customers

95% of work orders called on the day of sale

+48% of work orders installed on the day of sale or the following day

45% of customers use self-citation

62% of customers react to SMS alerts

45% of customers assess the service (10% = market standard)

Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 92%

Customer testimonial:

Before implementing Kairos365FSM we used to fit installations for 10% of our customers in 24 hours. Today the figure is over 40% and continues to rise.

Roberto Pascual – Supply and Installation Manager

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