Mutua Montañesa and Netboss BPO – Contact Center

The designing, implementation, and management of the process for the Mutua Montañesa is made very easy with Netboss Comunicaciones.

Netboss manages the Mutualist attention service of the Mutua Montañesa in Cantabria together with the carrying out of satisfaction surveys at a national level.

The challenge:

The Mutua Montañesa needed to improve the quality of its customer attention as far as telephone management and attention were concerned so as to save the effort of internal management and to count on reports on various service indicators.

Strategy and solution:

Netboss has provided a comprehensive solution to the outsourcing of the information and customer attention service (Contact Center) to include the designing of the processes of the flow of information, attention protocols, and reports on compliance with the service. In addition we carry out mutualist satisfaction surveys on a national scale.


The comprehensive solution provided by Netboss Comunicaciones has allowed the client to:

  • Guarantee a single point of contact for information, attention, and management for the customer of the Mutua Montañesa.
  • Ensure the capacity and flexibility of the providing of the service, which is necessary for supporting new requirements and its growth and extension.
  • Guaranteeing better schedule availability and a better response to the end user.
  • Having support applications for the management and control of the service and the best management practices.

Other interesting information:

54,220 calls attended in 2020 – (Average) level of service 95%

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