Verne Group and Kairos365FSM

Kairos365FSM, a lever which has transformed the operations of the Verne Group.

Netboss Comunicaciones imposes its FSM in the Telco sector with the Verne Group, covering the installations of the major operators in Spain owing to their popularity with a key element in the value chain: the fitter.

The client:

The Verne Technology Group has over 40 years of experience and two business divisions, Verne TELCO and Verne TECH, which cover the sectors of telecommunications and ICT. They have 3 main headquarters in Spain, Germany, and Morocco and have implemented projects in more than 14 countries. The Verne Group was born in 2016 as the result of the merger of four technological companies with a long career in their fields of action in a determined bid to integrate technologies and experience so as to offer comprehensive solutions to clients from various sectors such as telecommunications, the public administrations, and industry.

The challenge:

Verne specialises in deployment projects and E2E installation and maintenance in telecommunications: setting out, the obtaining of permits, and the designing of the network to include the deployment and integration of infrastructures. Its clients, among others, are the major operators in Spain, Germany, and Morocco. Verne provides very wide and complex cover with field tasks which require technical knowledge. At the same time the Group has to operate under the pressure of the total efficiency which its clients demand as far as deadlines and the use of resources are concerned.

Strategy and solution:

The strategy has taken the form of implementing Kairos365FSM for each of its operations, client to client, country to country, in such a way that the operation is not jeopardised at any time. Moreover, this allows the learning curve of the players to be much quicker and permits the good practices detected in the first implementations to be transferred in the following ones.

The transformation:

Verne uses Kairos365FSM as a lever for transforming its operations, both those carried out with its own personnel and those involved in subcontracting. With the implementation of Kairos the strategy is to homogenise the operations of the company with various clients, centralising back office structures so as to achieve lower costs and a higher level of service.

Other interesting information:

+ 5,000 installations/day

~ 1,700 active field users/month

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